Holt’s affordability, safe distance from urban madness making it a popular home base for many

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Christopher Robbins, a music professor at Lansing Community College, says that he never considered living in East Lansing because he did not want to be neighbors with his students.

“East Lansing is too close to LCC and MSU,” he said. “I have younger children that has to be in bed at a certain time to get up without crying in the morning so having a bunch of teens and young adults living next door or a fraternity across the street will interrupt their sleep making it difficult for me and my wife to wake them up in the morning.”

So he chose Holt, a place growing in popularity with first-time and experienced home owners because of its low property taxes plus its low crimes rates and peacefulness from all the nearby Michigan State University madness.

Infographic by:Denise Patterson Statistics from:Neighborhood scout

Infographic by:Denise Patterson Statistics from:Neighborhood scout

Holt is located just a few miles southeast of Lansing and has a homeownership rate of 74.5 percent and homeownership costs at 31.5 percent of median monthly household income.

Holt’s location in Delhi Charter Township means more peace and quiet for educational pursuits at MSU, Lansing Community College and the Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

What also makes Holt an attraction for home buyers is that the area features seven parks that offer playgrounds, skiing, and skating plus the newest addition Veterans Memorial Gardens, which pays tribute to each branch of the nation’s military.

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Infographic by:Denise Patterson Information fromhttp://www.delhitownship.com/parks-parkinfo.htm

According to Sarah Tulu,a real estate agent for Holt and Delhi Township, most of the homes are sold to residents that are coming out of East Lansing and Okemos for a variety of reasons.

Roy Sweet, Delhi Township Treasurer, says that homes are selling in Holt because although property taxes are less than the surrounding cities the quality of homes are better plus children can receive a better education and crime rates are low.

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