Michigan State addresses Immigration Ban

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By Chloe Kiple

Michigan State hosted an informational meeting days after President Trump issued an executive order banning immigration from seven countries.

While many came with questions, university officials could only offer a little more than support.

“We can’t change anything about the executive order,” said one speaker. “We are committed to supporting you.”

MSU faculty from the Office of International Students and Scholars addressed a jam-packed lecture hall in the international center.

Lawyer Marie LaComb flipped through a powerpoint detailing the specifics of the ban. Although she said that some of the wording itself was difficult and confusing to understand.

“There’s a lot of inconsistencies,” said LaComb.

LaComb opened the floor to questions. While some inquired about the order’s technicalities, others asked personal questions.

The standing-room-only hall quieted when one Iraqi grad student raised his hand.

“I have a father, 83 years old, and he is alone in Iraq,” said the student who wanted to remain anonymous in this article. “What if something happens with him? I need to decide…between my PhD and my father.”

The university said to speak with individual degree program about the possibility of completing a degree remotely, should someone need to leave and is barred re-entry into the United States.

However, days after MSU’s meeting, a federal judge declared Trump’s order unconstitutional.

While Trump tweeted his desire to appeal the ruling, the borders are open, at least temporarily, to immigrants from the seven formerly banned nations.

As the situation develops, Michigan State maintains its commitment to supporting international Spartans.

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