Ex-MSU basketball star joins with B Strong Fitness, opens second Conquest Fitness

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Conquest Fitness location in Dewitt

Conquest Fitness location in Dewitt

Conquest Fitness has expanded by recently opening their second location in DeWitt and will have a Grand Opening Celebration on Thursday, February 23 from 3 – 4:30pm.

Former MSU basketball player, Andre Hutson, started Conquest Fitness opening its first location in Bath in 2012. Later B Strong Fitness and Conquest Fitness joined together in opening their latest location in DeWitt.

David Mollitor and Dr. Pat Quain were the owners of B Strong Fitness and merged with Andre Huston to open another Conquest Fitness and brought on the fourth owner, Scott Gillespie.

“They’ve [Mollitor and Quain] always had this vision to add the sports performance end of it,” Michelle Mollitor said. Michelle is the wife of David Mollitor and she is also the manager of Conquest Fitness.

Conquest Fitness offers several memberships and services such as personal training, hot yoga, on-site medical partners, a smoothie bar, as well as student and family memberships.

“We feel like we provide something for everyone, from your soccer moms all the way to your heavy lifters and no one is feeling intimidated. Everyone here just kind of looks after everyone, I mean I hate to use the word family, but that’s just how it is,” Michelle said.

Main workout area in Conquest Fitness

Main workout area in Conquest Fitness

Charles Fritz used to be overweight but now he works out to stay in shape and he runs marathons. Fritz has been a member of B Strong Fitness which is now Conquest Fitness for 12 years.

“I know the owners, I’ve known them for 12 years now, just really nice guys. I know most of the people that work out here… it’s kind of like a big extended family. Just a nice place to come workout,” Fritz said.

Kile Jones was a former manager at B Strong Fitness and was asked to come back to be a part of Conquest Fitness. Kile has a strong passion for fitness and helps people out as best as he can whether it’s a gym membership or personal training.

“I just like it because it’s so large that you can fit so many people in here to work out but still you have the small hometown feel. We still get a lot of MSU students, but they’re all cool. You have such a large facility that offers so much but you’re also getting that small town feel where you know everybody,” Kile said.

Memberships are as low as $30 a month with no contract and they offer memberships to use both the Bath and DeWitt locations. Conquest Fitness has an amazing spacious facility that offers top notch service and welcomes everyone to workout.


Smoothie & Snack Bar in the lobby of Conquest Fitness

Smoothie & Snack Bar in the lobby of Conquest Fitness

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