Social media rumors of rigged election worry new voters

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“Rigged or rumored?” is the question that people all over the United States are asking. Recently, there have been social media charges about a rigged voting machine. It started as a simple status on Facebook and then circulated throughout the web, migrating to Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.


Here are two posts with the rumor.

“I’ll definitely be more cautious about what I’m doing because who’s going to want Trump to win?” said Ayleen Perez, an East Lansing community member.

Perez said that because she is Mexican American she has to use caution when voting because she does not want someone in office who is “against her race.”

Like Perez, Michigan State University student Sela McCarver said that she will be more cautious, but she feels that this voting machine rumor may simply be a way of making Trump seem fraudulent.

“Some people say, “Hmmmm… I really hate Trump, so I’m going to come up with ways to not get him elected,” so I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but I know this could be caused by a couple things,” said McCarver.

As we get closer to the election, many voters remain unmoved regardless of what the media and citizens claim.

“It’s not making me see him in another way… It’s not changing how I look at Trump,” said Perez.

For some, voting this year could get a bit scary when issues like this are at hand. First-time voter Lyrik Ragin sees rumors like this as problematic.

“I didn’t want my first time voting to be like this,” she said. “I don’t have a soft spot for either candidate, but I feel like if this rumor is true, that’s stripping me of my right to really choose who I want as president, because what if I do forget to check the machine after I select my candidate.”

Nov. 8 is approaching and Ragin says this is the wrong time for issues like this.

“If I do see that my vote is altered, I’ll have a big issue with that and I will probably go to somebody about it … but regardless, I’m going to vote.”

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