Nearly 90% of Spartans polled say they will vote

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“Spartans Will” show up to the polls tomorrow in high numbers, according to a recent survey conducted by the Spartan Newsroom.

Nearly 90 percent of the 18- 24-year-old students polled said they would vote on Nov. 8. And 55 percent of the 300 respondents said they plan to vote for Hillary Clinton.


By comparison, 38 percent of that age group voted in the 2012 election.

For more than two thirds of our respondents, this election will be the first time they are eligible to vote.

“I think especially with this election it’s important for everybody to get out and vote,” said Michigan State journalism senior Alex Donlin.

The survey also found that the economy, education and health care are the three most important issues to students this election. This is in contrast to a recent Pew Research Center poll that showed the economy, terrorism and foreign policy were the top three most important issues to voters nationally. 


Nearly half of respondents say social media has influenced how they will vote in the election. However, just under two thirds said that social media has had a negative influence on the election.


Furthermore, 43 percent of our respondents said that social media has changed their political views. This is much higher than the roughly 20 percent of national respondents that said social media has changed their mind about a political issue in the Pew Research Center national data.

Polling Data

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