Clinton and Trump Lansing Campaign Working to Swing Michigan voters

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Zero point six miles separate the presidential campaign offices in Lansing, Michigan. But in terms of policy, the two cannot be on further apart on the political spectrum.

The two offices have been busy phone banking and canvassing each day leading up to the election.

“I let them know why I am interested in supporting Hillary,” said Rose Hunt, a volunteer for the Clinton campaign. “And then we find out whether or not they’re interesting in coming out to volunteer to do phone banking, telephoning calls.”

Trump campaign volunteer Sam Barke is a freshman at Hillsdale College in Michigan. One of the campaign’s leaders in phone banking in the state of Michigan, he said he doesn’t mind making many of his calls on his way to and from the Lansing office.

“We’re just trying to get out the vote for Mr. Trump, so as many people as we can get out and vote for him is the goal.”


The Clinton campaign has focused its efforts on the importance of the election and why Hillary should be the next president.


“She’s been through a lot, but she’s been resilient, she’s been persistent, and we want that kind of effort and energy in the White House,” said Hunt.

While the Trump campaign is trying to help voters better understand his policies.


“You find that most of their hesitancy in voting for Mr. Trump or not knowing who they’re going to vote for is that they really don’t understand each issue, or that they’re just going off of one thing they heard CNN report on.

Many Trump supporters say they are excited for a change in establishment politics.

“I think that people are not happy with the way that this country is going,” said Barke. “And if you’re voting for Hillary Clinton, you are saying that the last eight years were great because Hillary Clinton is a third time for Obama.”

While Clinton supporters like Hunt are looking forward to a continuation of President Obama’s policies.

“Personally, I want to maintain what has been happening in our economy, in our country, because we are on a great trajectory to be able to move forward into a very positive area,” she said.

And with the election right around the corner, the Hillary campaign is urging every voter to make a trip to the ballot box on Tuesday.

“We’re depending on you, Hillary is depending on you, Michigan Democrats are depending on you. We need your vote because one vote can make a difference,” Hunt said.

While the Trump campaign is encouraging residents that the Republican candidate stands for all of them.

“You know, Hillary’s slogan is I’m With Her, his slogan is I’m With You. So Mr. Trump is going to be fighting on our behalf, and that’s really what we try to sell them on,” Barke said.

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