Registering to vote made easy

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Some students might have heard intimidating horror stories about the registration process, but in the digital age, there are plenty of online resources that can make participating in the political process easy.

For Michigan State University junior and undergraduate education major Emily Crawford, it’s a matter of finding time to register, but for others, it’s a piece of cake and “would be an even bigger waste of time not to vote.” Crawford has just recently registered at the Secretary of State office in Lansing, Mich.

“I found it very easy, and everyone there was so helpful,” said Crawford, laughing. “I was nervous at first because I thought they would ask me a bunch of questions about my citizenship and what not, but all they really wanted to do was offer help and ease the already easy process.”

Hospitality business major and junior at MSU, CeCe O’Reily thinks it’s very important to vote and be proactive because “we determine who takes office.”

Junior education major Emily Crawford at the MSU library showing off her completed Registration Form

Noah Menner

Junior education major Emily Crawford at the MSU library showing off her completed Registration Form

“There are many resources around campus about how to actively get registered and vote, It’s just a matter of whether you’re willing and able to go about that process,” said O’Reily. “I found out how to vote through MSU’s online resources which were also really helpful.”

There are plenty of ways to actively seek out assistance with voting and MSU’s voting initiative really helped O’Reily out with the registration process. MSU offers various information on how to prepare for the upcoming November elections.

For O’Reily, it wasn’t a matter of when she was going to register, but whether registering was worth it or not.

“After really thinking it through and talking to some already registered friends, I found the whole process kind of exciting,” said O’Reily.

MSU undergraduate senior and general business major Eric Iskols found TurboVote to be an extremely helpful online site for registering.

“For me it wasn’t a matter of whether I was going to actually register or not, because I already was dead set on registering,” said Iskols. “I’m a little bit on the introvert side of personality and didn’t want to have to deal with having lengthy conversations with people.”

Registering to vote comes in many forms, whether it be taking a trip down to the Secretary of State office in Lansing and registering in person, registering online, or going to local campus resource centers, there are people out there who truly value your effort in registering.

“After registering in person, I found it very helpful and satisfying,” said Crawford. “Now I can finally say ‘yes’ to the people that badger me around campus about if I’m registered or not.”

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