Students voice their opinions about the MI primary

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By Adam Joseph Taylor
MI First Election

Most students on Michigan State’s campus are leaving for spring break and won’t be here to vote for the Michigan primary that is coming up March 8th, 2016. U.S. Flag over Michigan

Korin Foss, a freshman at MSU, said she will not be here and points out that most college students go out and party anyway.

Foss said that even though it’s spring break she will vote because she is registered to vote at home.

“For me, I’ll probably just go home and vote because that is where I am registered. It most likely won’t be a problem for the people that go home but maybe for the ones that go out too far.”

Originally for Jeb, who recently dropped out the race, Foss said that she likes how Ted Cruz is a man of the Constitution, but wants him to keep his religion out of things.

“I am very socially liberal, so I am for gay marriage and I’m for pro-life, so that is the issue for me with him.”

Foss said that she wishes more conservatives would actually keep church and state separate as the government is supposed to.

She says that she wants to vote Republican this year because it will tackle bigger issues.

“I am really thinking that ISIS is a threat to us and for this election. I think I want vote Republican because I think that we ignore the issue at hand and don’t do a lot about it like we have for the past few years, while Obama has been president.”

Chelsie Lewis, a graduate student at Grand Valley State University, said “I think that they assume that the younger generation is not interested in voting or staying up to date with politics, so they would rather assume that these people will party in Mexico, rather than voting and understanding the issues. I think turnout will be low anyway just because it is the primary and they don’t understand how it all works.”

Ravonne Mckenzie, a junior at MSU, said that the primary is very important because it all counts to have your voice heard and it changes communities.

While she will be away for spring break back in Detroit, Mckenzie does plan to vote for the Michigan primary.

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