Abbott Apartment Closing

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It’s been just over a week since Samira Mashni was told to move out of her apartment at Abbott Manor, and she’s still tunneling through stacks of boxes.

She said “this apartment is way smaller than what we signed up for in Abbott Manor, so we have a lot of stuff.”

Students like Samira came back to their apartment to find a notice telling them that it was time to move out because of mold, buckling floors and caving ceilings. Westpac, the company that owns the building, moved most of their tenants to The Rocks, which is also owned by Westpac, but after all of the problems, Samira chose to go with another company. This made her have to move through three apartments in just two days,

Former resident, Jordan Kopp said “they need to be a little bit more proactive and communicative to the residents at Abbott Manor, we haven’t gotten much information from them on what happened and we need more communication from them.”

Now many of the students are planning to file a lawsuit against the company.

“On the third floor there was a girl who had her room covered in pots and pans. There were probably fifteen, twenty pots and pans just trying to collect water in her apartment,” Kopp said.

But for now, students will just have to take the cardboard they were dealt.


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