Small businesses may be driving low unemployment in DeWitt

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By Shane Jones
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

DEWITT — DeWitt is not a city that is filled with major corporate business or many different fast food restaurants. There isn’t a Starbucks on every corner and the downtown area is not filled with skyscrapers. DeWitt is just a small city.

Even though the population of DeWitt is small, however unlike the rest of the United States there is no issue of unemployment for its citizens.

According to the DeWitt City Administrator, Dan Coss, the unemployment rate is currently at 2.1 percent. The unemployment rate for the entire state of Michigan is at 5.1 percent, according to Coss also saidthat he thinks in the years to come that as long as the Lansing region continues to prosper, the unemployment is very unlikely to decline.

“The population is small which is a big contributor, but also in DeWitt there are many locally and family-owned businesses. So that is why I think the unemployment rate is so low here. If the small family-owned and ran businesses can continue to flourish for years to come” that may continue, Elliot Daniels, a resident  of DeWitt and an Academic Coordinator for Michigan State University.

By comparison, in December of 2015, the city of Detroit had an unemployment rate of 10.9 percent. Some of that could be attributed to fewer available jobs for people and also a lack of education. Education in Detroit has been an issue for a long time and many teachers have been walking out because of school buildings being in bad condition and with Detroit Public Schools are in millions of dollars of debt.

Unemployment Rate graph. According to and

Unemployment Rate graph. According to and

“The city (of DeWitt) has a high percentage of residents (46.9 percent) with a bachelor’s degree and census data shows that of the residents 25 and over 100 percent have at least a high school graduate and I believe that relates directly to the low unemployment of the city,” Coss said.

In 2015, the following areas had the lowest unemployment rates according to

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