Residents react to Michigan’s primary

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While sitting in the park on Thursday afternoon Crystal Davis 38, talks about her support for Bernie Sanders and explains how she believes he is a man for the people.

By Cierra Pryor
The Williamston Post

With Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump winning the March 8 primary election in Michigan, some Williamston residents are shocked Sanders snagged the win over Clinton.

“I am so glad Bernie won the Democratic primary for our state,” said Crystal Davis, 38, a resident of Williamston and sales clerk at Food Mart. “I believe he is a man for the people and has a true heart for this country.”

Davis said that Sanders’ compassion for the people is what got her vote.

“I did my research on Bernie and I was surprised to discover that he was heavily involved with civil rights back in the ’60s,” said Davis. “He believes in equality for all humans in this country no matter the circumstance.”

Along with Davis, Cheryl Drake, an accountant at Fifth Third Bank, also voted for Sanders.

“He is the most fit candidate out of all the runners,” said Drake. “He speaks truth, unlike some other candidates who try to downplay ongoing issues. Bernie lays it all out no matter how ugly the issue may be.”

Clinton supporters were shocked to find out that Sanders won the Democratic primary in Michigan.

“When I first heard that Sanders won our primary, I initially dropped my jaw,” said Toby Schneider 45, repair tech for CNC Machinery. “I just knew Hillary would win this primary. She’s got experience, she’s pro-immigrant and has plans to solve gun violence.”

Schneider said he is looking on the brighter side of things of how Hillary Clinton won Mississippi on the same day.

“She may have taken a loss for Michigan’s primary, but Mississippi came through,” said Schneider. “She is still in the lead nationally, so hopefully momentum would maintain in her favor.”

Trump won the Republican race, defeating Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich.

“I like Trump personally, he’s different from your normal politician,” said Brenda Bassier, 48, a sales associate at Younkers. “Yes, he is very outrageous at times, but I believe he will get things done.”

Bassier said she doesn’t condone the violence that has been taking place at Trump rallies but believes protesters should think twice for their own safety.

“I mean, the acts at these rallies are in the news constantly,” said Bassier. “I believe there should be some type of protocol for security when it comes to handling protesters in a respectful, safe way.”

Mark Berg of Williamston said he didn’t want to waste his vote but he wanted anybody but Trump. So he voted for Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the primary.

“I’m a Republican and I would love anybody but Trump in the office,” said Berg. “Kasich got my vote, he’s conservative, and he cares for the people in need.”

Amanda Parker was one of the residents of Williamston who was quite confident that Trump wouldn’t win the primary.

“I really thought he wouldn’t win Michigan. Everyone I talked to exclaimed how much of a trash bag he is,” said Parker. “He has no experience whatsoever, and I was pretty sure the people of Michigan would want a man with integrity and experience, but I guess I was wrong.”

After “Super Tuesday 3” on March 15, Trump won primaries in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina, while Kasich won his home state of Ohio. Clinton’s wins included Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Ohio. Both Trump and Clinton appear to have narrowly won Missouri.

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