Delhi given 5-star rating for economic growth

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By Jalen Smith
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

In 2015, Delhi Township was named a five-star city by the University of Michigan-Dearborn research study program eCities. The award is given to select cities in the state of Michigan that are doing well with their economic development.

“To my knowledge we were awarded five stars as well as Lansing for our economic development and we are very proud of this accomplishment, and happy with the progress that Delhi has been making,” said Township Clerk Evan Hope.

Officials hope that this award will bring Holt higher economic growth by bringing in more business to the city.

“Hopefully with this accomplishment Holt will be welcoming for entrepreneurs to come and move into the city,” said Hope.

According to Delhi’s news letter , East Lansing, Holt, as well as other cities that are five-star communities have spent a combined total of $2.2 million in economic development.

However, despite this accomplishment many the people of Delhi are unaware of this information.

“I actually don’t really know what you are referring to, we just got a new team of people to put together news and city events for our newsletter so they’re doing their jobs correctly, however I was unaware of this,” said Township Supervisor C.J. Davis.

Other officials are not knowledgeable about this accomplishment either.

“I actually am not familiar with the five-star program,” said Holt Treasurer Roy Sweet.

With economic development rising in Delhi Township, city officials hope that it will also bring in more citizens to the community.

“The millennials and baby boomers share a common interest when it comes to picking communities, a sense of economic growth, and we hope that with the five stars we can bring in more people to the community,” said Hope.

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