2016 presidential candidates face off in presidential primaries

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By Kevyn Collier-Roberts
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

With Super Tuesday at a close, the results from the primary elections have set the tone for the beginning of the race, separating the weak from the strong.

However, voters all across the state of Michigan are anticipating their turn to cast their votes and have their voices heard in the primary election on March 8.

Any registered voter in Michigan is able to participate in the primary election. According to the law, it is required that voters make their ballot selection either in writing by completing the Application to Vote/Ballot Selection on Election Day, or on the Absent Voter Ballot Application form if they are unable to be present on the primary election date.

Seeing as though this is the first election as President Obama’s term comes to an end, it is rather important for voters to participate in the various voting opportunities coming up this year.

Corwin Smidt is an Assistant Professor in Michigan State University’s Department of Political Science. Some of Smidt’s areas of study include presidential primaries and campaign politics.

When asked about his thoughts on the importance of voters participating in the primary presidential election he said, “It’s somewhat important but not so much.”

“What is more important for voters to vote in is the local primaries that happen in August that many voters do not pay attention to,” said Smidt.

The State Primary for Michigan is on Aug. 2.

Smidt explained that many voters do not pay attention to the primaries in August because it happens when people are on vacation and having fun doing other things. Due to the lack of voter participation, local primaries do not get much news coverage.

For many young voters like Peyton Henry, this is their first opportunity to participate in any presidential election activity and they are taking a strong stand on whom they are voting for.

Henry’s candidate of choice is Hillary Clinton and is very adamant about exercising her right to vote on March 8.

“I think it’s very important to vote, especially as a young college student, because a lot of my peers and I are getting ready for graduation and the real world, and the things that are being talked about will affect us as adults,” said Henry.

“I know so many people who love to complain about who has won a presidential campaign but hasn’t even put in their vote. Everyone has to make their voices heard in the upcoming primary election.”

Local voter Sabrina Nagel, a Bernie Sanders supporter, also believes it is important to participate in the upcoming primary as well as on Election Day in November.

“I think it’s very important that we vote during the upcoming presidential election. We have to vote to make a change,” said Nagel.

During these next few months prior to the general state election, voter’s nation wide will have the opportunity to exercise their voting rights and get their voices heard in order to help make a global change.

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