Michigan State University students express their expectations for primary elections

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By Nadia Lorencz
The Mason Times

EAST LANSING, Mich. -Is Donald Trump the future for America? After interviewing students on Michigan State University’s campus, it seems that most are fans of the Democratic party.

Chatter amongst college students shows that some do not want to see front runner Donald Trump elected president. However, when asked if they thought he had a chance at presidency, all replied that he did.

“Sadly to say, I think that Donald Trump is going to win the Republican primary,” said freshman Taylor Hopp. However, Hopp hopes to see candidate Bernie Sanders become the front-runner for the Democratic party. “Sanders is liberal and for the people,” she said,  “He is a much better option than Hillary.”

Janae Hill, a senior at MSU also hopes Trump does not win the Republican primaries. She stated that he seems ignorant especially when it comes to racial issues.

Hill also sees candidate Sanders as a great option for our country. “I would like to see him win, and see Trump be out of the running,” said Hill.

When it comes to expectations for the presidential candidates, Senior Devin Hill said, “I would like to see Hillary Clinton or Ben Carson win the primary.”

Devin Hill also had a negative opinion toward Trump. He found Trump to be “racist” based on his tweets directed toward minorities and feels as though he would not be able to accurately represent African Americans as president.

With the Michigan presidential primary approaching on March, and Feb. 8 the deadline to register for the primary, have students taken action to register?

Matt Wisniewski said that he is indeed registered. “I think I registered when I turned 18 and got my license,” he said.

Taylor Hopp and Devin Hill also said they are registered.

“I registered through the school,” Hopp said. “MSU made it super easy.”

However Janae Hill said she has yet to register. Although she does plan on it, she attributes not having done so to a lack of time and not knowing where to go to register.

To register for the primary elections, you can go to https://vote.michigan.gov/mvic/clerksearch.aspx to get started and find your local election office.

MSU student Devin Hill speaks of his hopes for Clinton to win the Democratic primary.

MSU student Devin Hill speaks of his hopes for Clinton to win the Democratic primary.

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