Locals rally around their community amidst the Flint water crisis

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Flint, MI – With the sudden surge of attention regarding the water crisis, there has been support coming from all directions. Bottled water is being donated from different organizations across the country.

But it’s not just bottled water that’s needed.

Rick Carter, the Executive Director of Michigan Faith in Action, says that Flint locals are looking for changes to be made.

“The people in Flint are really upset and together on pressing government officials to correct this problem,” Carter said.

Residents meet weekly at St. Michaels Roman Catholic Church in Flint to discuss possible solutions. This group also organizes door-to-door canvasing to alert their community about the dangers behind the water.

Flint resident, Sharon Allen, thinks measures like this are key in spreading the word about the crisis.

To get that information out to [Flint locals] is key,” Allen said. “They need to know all they can about this emergency.”

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