DeWitt’s pride is in its parks

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By Brittany Flowers
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

DEWITT — According to the Charter Township of DeWitt website, surveys show that the excellent park system makes DeWitt Township a great place to live, work, and play.

The township has nine park properties which total 200 acres.

The city of DeWitt in particular has six major parks which include a memorial park and a sports park.

DeWitt Memorial Park

DeWitt Memorial Park refers to the city as a peaceful historic community and the city’s parks are a main reason DeWitt is seen as peaceful.

The park system contributes to the overall commitment to the city’s community forest which has earned the DeWitt recognition from the National Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City USA for 17 years in a row.

According to the American Planning Association, city parks increase physical activity, mitigate climate, air, and water pollution impacts, and provide people with contact with nature which has been know to show certain health benefits and enhance well being.

Swing at Riverside Park

Swing at Riverside Park

The parks are not only appreciated by people from the city of Dewitt, but people also travel from other places to enjoy the city’s parks.

“I’m actually from Lansing, but I come to DeWitt just because the parks aren’t as crowded and they’re really kept up, like really nicely,” Lansing resident and mother Samantha Henry said.

Samantha Henry and daughter at Riverside Park

Samantha Henry and daughter at Riverside Park

DeWitt’s parks are also known by visitors to be very clean thanks to the work of the township’s maintenance personnel.

“It gives us an opportunity to come out here, but knowing that it’s going to be clean and not a big giant mess makes it a whole lot easier,” DeWitt resident and father Ted DeYoung said.

According to, DeWitt’s home of Clinton County ranks third in the state for overall health, which could be attributed to the health benefits resulting from the city’s parks.

Also according to the American Planning Association, city parks are the quickest and most effective way of building a sense of community.

Riverside Park playground

Riverside Park playground

“The parks provide just kind of a sense of community, because I know I’ve met a lot of people out here and it’s just a place to meet like other moms or parents,” Henry said.

The parks also provide a chance for families to come together and enjoy time with one another while connecting with nature.

“They bring an opportunity to have a family come out and enjoy it, and meet other people that you don’t normally get to see,” DeYoung said.

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