5 profile questions with Sarah Emerson

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Sarah Emerson


How long have
you worked in Mason and what brought you here?

I’ve worked here for four years and I grew up in Mason.

What drew you to working here?

Keans is a store that I always came
to as a kid and its always so much fun to come in and shop so I always wanted to work here.

Overall how would you describe Mason as a community?

It’s a tight knit community where everyone supports each other.

What is your favorite part or thing about Mason

sarah emerson

Sarah Emerson stands behind the cash register at Keans.

The downtown area is my favorite part.

What are a few events that you look forward to in Mason every year?

There’s a Mason Sundry festival every summer where different bands come and play in the summertime.


– Nadia Lorencz

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