Students Have Issues Getting Big Ten Championship Tickets

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As the michigan state players boarded the bus for Indianapolis, many MSU students are hoping to join them as well.

“I’ve been looking at it for a while, looking at hotels,” said Michigan State senior Cara Whinnery, who was anxiously awaiting for tickets to go on-sale. “I got an email from the ticket office as well at 8:45 saying they would go onsale at nine”

However for many of the students who have packed Spartan Stadium for four years, they quickly found out that Nine o’clock was too late.

“When I logged into my account at 9:00pm as directed, they were already sold out completely,” said Whinnery.

Thayer Morton is also a senior at MSU, who like Whinnery, was waiting until 9:00PM to buy his tickets, until he got a call.

“My buddy called me at about 8:20, 8:25 saying the tickets were on sale,” said Morton. I didn’t even believe it at first but then I logged on and as you can it right there, a confirmation was sent at 8:30 so clearly they were on sale before nine.”

Like many other students, Whinnery logged on to social media to express her disappointment in the early sale, which is where she discovered that not all hope was lost.

“I was hearing from Facebook ‘you can talk to the ticket office and be put on a wait list’,” said Whinnery.

Some students had bought tickets hoping to sell them as a markup, however, the student tickets can not be resold.

“There was so many people that couldn’t go, that the ticket office started to make them return it,” said Whinnery.

So Whinnery called and got herself on the waitlist, and she didn’t have to wait long.

“The next morning… 24 hours, I got an email saying I got a ticket,” said Whinnery.

In the end, Cara is happy she can see her Spartans compete for a Big Ten title, but some didn’t have the same luck.

“I’m happy that it worked out for me, that I was able to get a ticket, but I know for so many other people it wasn’t a such a happy ending,” said Whinnery.

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