Okemos High upgrading several athletic facilities

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By Meredith Flood
The Meridian Times


Okemos High School has started one of many renovations to its schools sports facilities, starting with the track.

Using money from the building and site sinking fund, in 2014, the school tore out its 20-year-old track and rebuilt it. The school was unable to host competitions such as Honor Roll, State Championships, and other important races due to the poor condition of the track.

“Our school takes pride it its athletic facilities, but our track was struggling and falling apart.” said Okemos High School Athletic Director, Ira Childress. “The old material was so stiff and torn up that it was getting difficult to run on.”

The new track is projected to reduce shin splints, rolled ankles and other injuries due to the smoothness and safety of the updated material.

“This is only my second time on the new track and I can already tell it is my favorite one to run on. The paint looks fresh and clean, and the material is very easy and smooth,” said one Okemos resident.

“Because we are in more modern times, we are able to get updated material for the track, and it is a significant improvement to the old-fashioned substance we had,” said Childress.

The school also added a new scoreboard for the track.

“The new track is a huge improvement to our overall outdoor sports facilities look. It is nice to know we have a track that is now pleasing to the eye,” said Okemos senior David Gorman.

The next project is turning the weight room into the strength and conditioning room. The athletic department demolished the weight room and is in the process of building the new strength and conditioning building. This will add a total of 2,000 square feet to the athletic room. The project is expected to be finished mid-December.

In 2016-2017, the school will begin replacement of the flooring in the school’s auxiliary gym.

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