Grand Ledge households are doing well financially, on average

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By Paige Wester
Living In The Ledge Staff Reporter

According to Grand Ledge, MI Profile, Grand Ledge is above the Michigan and the U.S. annual median household income average.

The website reports that the annual household income of Grand Ledge in the year 2015 was at $69,192 and has been rising each year.


Median household income. Photo by Paige Wester

Karen Tabor, a Grand Ledge resident, said that most families live very comfortably in this town.

“I know a lot of the people in this town and many of my friends and family live a very good life being able to take vacations when they want and take time off work when they feel like they should,” Tabor said. “It is nice living in city where a majority of the people and families are financially stable.”

Tabor, who has been a stay-at-home mom for almost 10 years, has had the privilege to raise her children while her husband brings home the bacon. She said most of her friends are also stay at home like her and she feels as if it is something not most mothers get to do as often nowadays.

“Living in a smaller town instead of a big city really helps financially for my family and many others,” Tabor said. “We aren’t struggling to spend time with our children or living pay check to pay check.”

However, according to Christian Fontten, a former professor in sociology from University of Toledo, both parents working is a very common thing in today’s world and can be very beneficial to the family overall.

Fontten said that it is obviously a couples personal decision who works or stays home if that is even an option, but before starting a family a couple needs to figure this out to stay on the right track finically and personally.

“Smaller communities tend to have one parent working typically because the living cost isn’t as expensive compared to larger cities,” Fontten said. “Larger cities are just way more expensive to live in, so sometimes people don’t even have the option to be a stay at home parent because they need to support their family.”

According to Grand Ledge Area Chamber of Commerce, the average household in Grand Ledge holds 2.5 people, in line with the state average.

“Again, smaller families and smaller cities can determine whether both or only one parent needs to work,” said Fontten. “It really depends on your demographics and your profession to determine these issues.”

Dana Rose-Wolfe, a resident of Grand Ledge and a working single mom, said that she is really proud to be a working woman, but envies parents who are able to stay home with their children.

“I love my job, but my financial situation doesn’t allow me to be at home with my kids, which is unfortunate, but will be helpful in the long run,” said Rose-Wolfe. “My kids know that I have to work to keep food on the table, so they don’t complain and it works for us.”

Rose-Wolfe has been working for years and having children never stopped her. “I think everyone’s situation is different, so you can’t judge people for doing what they can to provide for their family,” Rose-Wolfe said. “I’m confident that my kids will grow up knowing I was doing the right thing.”

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