El Niño to cause warmer winter

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By Jessie Martens
Entirely East Lansing

El Niño may be playing a role in the changing weather trends across the United States.

Temperature Forecast for Winter 2015

Focal Point

Temperature Forecast for Winter 2015

The El Niño event is expected to cause Michigan weather to continue to be above average for winter.

This November, Michigan has seen temperatures above average. In East Lansing temperatures reached a high of 75 degrees Fahrenheit on Nov. 3. In 2014 the high was only 57 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to Jeffrey Andresen, Michigan’s state climatologist, we broke two all-time records for warmest days on Nov. 3 and 4. The temperatures in November should around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Strong El Niño events affect a large area which then affects jet stream control. This has an impact on weather.

“In these strong El Niño events we usually see milder and more dry winters,” Andresen said. “We don’t usually see this unusual weather until much later in the year. Like middle and latter parts of winter.”

Livia Kleinow, Michigan State junior, is ready for a warm winter after the past two winters she experienced at MSU. Kleinow said that getting to class in snowstorms has been brutal so the fact that this winter might be warmer is a relief to her.

Weather forecasts aren’t 100 percent accurate but because the last two Michigan winters have been colder than average this winter is expected to be milder.

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