Bi-annual Rayner Park clean up

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By Terri Powys
The Mason Times

Mason’s Rayner Park Rally Club is preparing for the bi-annual Rayner Park Fall Clean Up Event. Happening Saturday, the clean up continues to be a great way for the people of Mason to volunteer their time towards helping the community.

“We organize this event twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring. We usually have a pretty great turn out including older community members as well as the Honors Society students that need to get some of their community service hours done. The seniors from high school typically come to the spring clean up event when they need to get their community service hours as well,” says Diann Jackman, member of the Rayner Park Rally Club.

Mason’s community almost lost Rayner Park when it was shut down five years ago but an overwhelming response from the people of Mason resulted in the park staying open. Rayner Park’s Rally Club took it upon themselves to keep the park clean and running for almost six years in order to keep the people of Mason happy. Events including graduation parties, holiday gatherings and even senior picture photoshoots are among some of the ways that Mason uses Rayner Park.

“I love that park! I was a student at the capital area career center and my new media class took field trips to that park for picnics. I have amazing memories there including a total of thirty 18-year-olds playing lava tag on the playground (it was quite the sight). I occasionally use the park for photo shoots since I am a freelance photographer. It's a great park.” says community member Bri Wiseley.

For those attending the event, it is suggested that you bring equipment with you. “Tarps, rakes, highly recommended that you bring gloves, and any extra supplies that you can bring for the people who might need them,” says Rayner Park Rally Club member Pam Lower. Young adult and children attendees will most likely spend their time cleaning up the leaves and the adults will use the leaf blowers and heavier equipment brought by the Rally Club.

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