3 challengers oust Mayor Triplett from Council

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Story by Jessie Martens
Photos and editing by Zach Robertson
Entirely East Lansing

Three new council members were elected Tuesday, unseating mayor Nathan Triplett.

The winners were Mark Meadows, Shanna Draheim and Erik Altmann.

Meadows led with 2,821 votes, followed by Draheim with 2,239 and Altmann with 2,212. Triplett had 1,955.

It was clear from first precinct results that Jermaine Ruffin and Steve Ross would not be able to stay competitive with the rest of the candidates.

Triplett’s loss surprised many, as he was polling positively as recently as the week before the election. In fact, many members of the community and the press thought Triplett had a sure spot, but as results came in people were surprised.

Councilwoman Ruth Beier said some of the hard votes from Triplett’s tenure as mayor left some people angry, and a flyer that attacked Altmann could have been reasons why Triplett was not re-elected.

Stephanie Peña, daughter of candidate Jermaine Ruffin and a political science major, said she was not surprised at the results and that the results made sense, given the way the candidates presented themselves.

Turnout was low at 11,517 and City Clerk Marie Wicks said she was nervous when only 10 percent of the voters had voted by noon. Wicks urges people, including students, to participate in elections at the local and national level. In cases like this election, every vote counts.

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