Mother Nature Not Kind to DeWitt Fields

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By Anthony Ferraro
Clinton County Chatter

Springtime for kids usually means the ending of school and the start of baseball and softball season. Mother nature is not always kind, and rain and snow leaves fields unmanageable and unplayable for children and could have an affect on the season as a whole.

According to the Michigan Precipitation and Great Lakes Proximity about 60 percent of the annual total is recorded during May-October, which would include baseball and softball season. The waterlogged grass would prevent some games from being played and could take away from the children’s experience.

According to Tom Hamp, director of baseball for the DeWitt youth baseball league, last year’s conditions weren’t very optimal to play ball.

“Last year was atrocious,” said Hamp. “If an 8U team is scheduled for 10 games, one team had at least four or five cancellations last year.”

The city of DeWitt is very scarce on fields for the kids to play on.

“A big problem with DeWitt is that we’re so tight with green space and there aren’t a lot of fields,” said Hamp.

The one thing stressed by Hamp is the communication between everyone. The communication is key. It needs to be communicated properly when games or practices are cancelled. Hamp also stated that they do use Twitter very often to keep people in the loop.

According to Hamp there are over 300 parents involved in the organization and it is difficult to get the information out to everyone but they do their best.

During the games the field might be rained on and it leaves the crew in a little situation but they try their best.

“If the field is manageable we’ll go out there with shovels and milk cartons and try to drain the water from the field,” said Hamp.

The hardest part is making everyone happy.

“It’s hard because then we get pressure from parents because their kids want to play, but it’s hard to reschedule games when two are played every night,” said Hamp.

Mother nature just won’t let up sometimes and the kids and parents of DeWitt suffer the consequences.

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