Fiddler on the Roof opens this weekend

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By Julie Dunmire
The Williamston Post

Fiddler on the Roof at Williamston High School has been a bit of a journey.

“We have these t shirts for the show, and a bunch of us crossed out the date to say “ish,” said Hannah Ellefson-Frank, a member of the show’s chorus.

The show has had to change dates due to an issue with obtaining the rights. This may have been due to a transition in the drama department’s instructor. The company that possessed the rights took longer than drama instructor Bethany Schmitt anticipated. Now, they are back at it, rehearsing for the show’s opening night on May 8.

“Today is about dusting off the cobwebs, and getting back into the show,” said Schmitt at a Saturday afternoon rehearsal.

Schmitt is in her second year as drama instructor at Williamston High School.

Izzy Dailey, a junior who plays Tzeitel, says that despite the delay, Fiddler has created a community within the show. She is excited to get started, and loves the relationship that the cast has built through their countless hours of working together.

“The whole delay thing was kind of good and bad, because we’ve had more time to work on it and perfect all the little stuff, which is really nice,” said Dailey. “I’m really excited for the show.”

The delay has caused a little difficulty with scheduling rehearsal times, as many students have started up on spring sports. Some students are also cast in two shows at once, because the play David and Lisa, also being put on by Williamson High School, got going while the kinks with the rights were still being worked out.

The show opens May 8, with additional shows May 9 and 10. Schmitt says the cast has been working hard, and is ready to finally display the show they’ve been working on for most of the school year.

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