City Council approves elevator update

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By Teresa Fata
The Williamston Post

The Williamston City Council approved a $17,000 elevator update to the Williamston Community Center at the City Council meeting on March 23.

There were two options suggested by Otis Elevator Company to fix the Community Center elevator. Option one would cost $10,900 and would simply replace the malfunctioning hydraulic valve. Option two would replace the entire power unit, but would cost $17,000.

After learning that the Williamston Senior Center would donate $8,500, the council unanimously moved to approve the larger update. Councilman Jim DeForest was happy to approve the larger update rather than the less expensive option.

“I moved to approve the larger amount to fix the elevator as it looked like a better long-term option,” DeForest explained. “The other proposal was just a ‘Band-Aid’ in my opinion. It was fortunate that the Seniors’ Foundation had some funds to help us.”

Julie Chrisinske, the head librarian at the Williamston branch of the Capital Area District Library located in the Community Center, was at the meeting and was ecstatic when the approval was given. She said that there are many senior citizens who want to enjoy the library but can’t due to the constantly malfunctioning elevator.

“We absolutely need it,” said Chrisinske. “We have patrons who just can’t get up there.”

Others, like Tim Baise, a citizen trying to purchase the Community Center, were happy to see the repairs approved from a technical standpoint.

“It’s a good deal. I met with Otis and they said that the boards were outdated so all of the components had to be re-done in order to do it right,” explained Baise. “It just needs to be done.”


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