Children’s Water Festival cancelled

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children walking around festival

Photo courtesy of Erin Campbell

By Kelsey Feldpausch

Lansing Township News staff reporter

LANSING- Scheduling and logistical problems caused the Children’s Water Festival to be cancelled for the first time since its launch in 1995.

The festival, organized by the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission Groundwater Management Board, was a free water education field trip for fourth through sixth grade students in the Lansing Area, according to Erin Campbell, the festival coordinator.

Campbell said the logistics of the event have become more difficult over time and have made the event difficult to pull together.

“The festival involves a lot of staff time and planning,” said Campbell. “If we can’t do it really well, we would rather use our resources to do something better.”

Community impact

Campbell notified the Lansing Township Board of Trustees of the cancelation in a letter presented at the board meeting Feb. 25.

Board members said they were disappointed by the cancelation.

“It’s a disappointment that after almost 20 years, it’s not going to happen,” said Kathleen Rodgers, the board supervisor. “It’s a lot of fun, and the kids are great. It was always very well run, and the kids loved it and so did the staff and teachers that accompanied them.”

Diane Allen, a fourth grade teacher at Attwood Elementary School who has participated in the event for several years, said she loved taking her students to the festival because they could experience multiple education experiences in once place.

“The lessons melded quite well with our curriculum and attending the Water Festival became a school-wide learning experience,” said Allen. “We were quite disappointed to learn it was not going to be held this year.”

Future plans

Though Campbell said she was also disappointed, she said the management board has tentative plans for a partnership with the MSU Science Festival in April 2016.

According to Campbell, the management board would bring a larger focus on water education to the science festival.

“We will lend our water education expertise in support of this already amazing five day event,” said Campbell in her letter.

Campbell said she continues to look at the positive side of the unfortunate situation.

“I look forward to partnering with the science festival and continuing to educate youth on the importance of protecting our water resources,” said Campbell.

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