Appreciation for Williamston School Board shared

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By Bryce Airgood
The Williamston Post

There was plenty to talk about recognition Monday night, March 2. The school board met for the first time in a month, and there was a lot to catch up on.


Cobb, principal of Discovery Elementary school, displays a poster made by first grade students.

January is School Board Recognition Month. However, there wasn’t enough time in January to do anything special for the Williamston School Board.

“Well, the point was there was so much going on in January,” said Ernie Gaffner, secretary for the board. “We haven’t had time to be recognized until now.”

Several teachers came to praise the board and to share the works of the students.

“We recognize that we live in a special place where we get seven (board members),” said John Travis, an employee for Williamston Community Schools.

Michele Ellis, a language arts teacher at the middle school, presented a card made by the middle school kids.

“It started (Monday) in the middle school fashion,” Ellis explained. “… they asked all sorts of questions. ‘What does a school board do? Why do we have to honor them, Ms. Ellis?’”

After getting a gist, the kids then brainstormed a list of things they liked about their school for the card. Ellis said those included: getting to wear what they wanted (within reason), having dance parties at lunch and prizes, which they told Ellis to put in capital letters.

After writing the list, the students then decorated the cards.


School board President Marci Scott and Trustee Greg Talberg pose with their mugs given to them by Explorer Elementary.

“What would we be without 7th and 8th grade girls to make bubble letters?” Ellis jokingly asked the board when presenting the card.

Bronwyn Cobb and Julie Monette presented work done by students from Discovery Elementary School. Cobb and Monette had posters from the kindergarteners and first grade students listing all of their favorite things about the school. These included reading, math, the songs the teachers teach and the adults who help (the kids) learn.

The board also received mugs from Explorer Elementary School and seating pads for their chairs from the school administration.

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