Medical facility plan postponed

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By Darien Velasquez
Ingham County Chronicle

County Commission Chairman Brian McGrain supported the Ingham County Board of Commissioners decision to postpone the decision of expanding and renovating Ingham County Medical Care Facility at Tuesday’s meeting.

Ingham County Department of Human Services requested that the board authorize the expansion of the facility for additional bedding. The facility currently has 178 beds and will have 204 beds. The resolution passed and the facility has a three-phase expansion and renovation plan for further action.

The facility is located off of Dobie road and has accommodations which provide short and long-term medical care for seniors that are not performed in hospitals.

McGrain described the benefits the facility would bring to Ingham County and to local communities. “It’s a great idea to expand the facility because it will provide the additional beds and it’s nice for the senior community.” McGrain continued, “It has been decided and resolved that the Board of Commissioners authorize the expansion, it’s just a matter of meeting up with Ingham County Department of Human Services again and planning out all the details.”

According to the Board of Commissioners the cost must not exceed $2 million. The facility will be financed through its unrestricted cash reserve of $14 million and from a $6,000,000 million bond secured through Ingham County.
Board members unanimously approved the financial decisions as well as the overall resolution to go forward with the renovation and expansion.

Human Services will be meeting again with the County Commission to finalize and sign any necessary contracts and documents.

After the board adjourned, McGrain described his views on the expansion, “The facility needs improvements and we’re ready to take further action, other than waiting for Department of Human Services we’re all good and ready. The facility already has rehabilitation and things like that but it’s a great idea to meet the space and expand on the types of services being provided.”

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