Waltz steps down from Historical District Commission

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By Harrison Thrasher
The Mason Times

After being elected to City Council and then mayor, Michael Waltz has resigned from Mason’s historical district commission.

Waltz not only had to submit a letter of resignation, but also had to bring it to City Council’s attention during the meeting on Feb. 16. Waltz explained the process of a public official resigning, but did acknowledge one step he believed to be unnecessary in this case. Waltz, with the approval of his fellow council members, did not take the trouble of writing a letter addressed to the mayor (himself).

“As mayor, I already knew I was resigning so it seemed kind of redundant to do that,” chuckled Waltz.

Waltz instead submitted a letter to historical district Commissioner David E. Haywood out of courtesy.

The purpose of Waltz bringing his resignation to the attention of the council was to appoint a new member for the historical district commission to fill the vacancy. With Waltz’s recommendation, Rita Vogel, a resident of Mason, was selected to fill the vacancy.

Mayor Pro Tem Marlon Brown vocally supported Vogel. “Rita is a person who is very active in the community. I know her to be very passionate about the community and she seeks to be involved in municipal affairs,” said Brown.

Brown also mentioned his experiences working with Vogel on the sesquicentennial committee. Presently, Vogel is the lead committee member and chair for Mason events and activities, an essential part to the upcoming sesquicentennial celebration. According to Brown, a spot on the historical district commission is great for Vogel as she tries to climb the ladder of city politics.

Council member James Mulvany also spoke to Vogel’s credibility in this position, acknowledging her residency in the historic district. Mulvany also pointed out that her connections within the historic district will help ease the relations between the board and the residents.

When called to vote, city council unanimously appointed Vogel to fill the vacancy, 7-0.

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