Solar Campaign

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Solar campaign


2:30 p.m.


TRT: 2:30

Lead in: Michigan State University alum, Talya Tavor, has come back to recruit students for solar energy platform. A project she is currently working on is to assist Maryland in striving to reduce emissions to counteract power plant pollution, and she is recruiting individuals interesting in doing similar projects in the future.


Talya Tavor works with environment Maryland and just recently they did a report on how many available places solar energy panels can be placed. The report stated that there were over 500,000 roof tops accessible in both commercial and residential areas…

Cue in: “So the different types of solar energy…”

Cue out: “… so these are mostly affordable tags.”

The next project the group is looking to get into is building solar farms. Where there will be large fields of panels that will contain about ten megawatts of solar power on one farm alone as oppose to have kilowatts. Tavor says that diversifying is the key for both group as of now…

Cue in: “We are looking at diversity…”

Cue out:” … but the pros outweigh the cons.”


Unfortunately, there is not federal support for them at least not as much as the fossil fuel industry receives. Tavor says that there is an inner rivalry battle for the tax incentives to which the fossil fuel industry does not want to lose their position on top as the group receiving the most support…

Cue in: “There is definitely some tax incentives…”

Cue out: “…we’re talking millions of dollars.”

The Maryland clean energy advancement act is something Tayla and her staff is working on right now that if passed will set the bar high for competing organizations. The need for more interns and help to advance the movement of solar energy forward is the reason why Tayla Tavor is here at Michigan State University.

Entirely East Lansing, Andre Sims


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