History lessons proposed for sesquicentennial event

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Rick Brown presented medallion outline at Mason City Hall meeting on Monday evening to commemorate the city Sesquicentennial.

Rick Brown presented medallion outline at Mason City Hall meeting on Monday evening to commemorate the city Sesquicentennial.

By Maria Braganini 

The Mason Times

Creator of HistoryBuff.com Rick Brown  proposed a plan at the Mason City Hall meeting on Monday Feb. 9 for historical presentations at the Mason Township Sesquicentennial celebration.

After creating HistoryBuff.com for historical reference in October 1993, Brown has more than 20 years experience with historical presentations.

The website, HistoryBuff.com, provides historical articles ranging from over 200 different events beginning in the early 1700s.

Twelve years later, in 2005, Brown received nonprofit status for HistoryBuff.com. Today the website has more than four gigabytes of historical documents.

Brown’s interest in history began as a hobby when he was a junior in high school.

At first Brown felt indifferent about history. His interest changed when he saw an advertisement for a presidents catalog highlighting Lincoln’s death 100 years prior. Brown describes the magazine as a collection of primary sources.

“The pieces carried the same theme, with different elements making the people feel real,” Brown said. “It puts the human touch back into history.”

Fifty years after discovering his hobby, Brown focuses on American history beginning from the early 1700s and his biggest collection is Lincoln assassination papers.

Brown describes himself as a traveling museum, able to set up his history pieces at any location.

In addition to an abundance of information highlighting major events in American history, Brown also gives nine different presentations to adults and children lasting anywhere between 20 minutes to two hours.

Brown doesn’t charge for admission or a service fee, but simply asks to place a donation jar in plain sight.

After hearing about Mason’s Sesquicentennial celebration, Brown saw a parallel between Lincolns assassination 150 years ago.

Brown expressed a desire to present historical documents and informational speeches interacting with the audience at any Mason Sesquicentennial event.

Along with all history presentation, Brown envisioned producing medallions for select members of the town highlighting the Sesquicentennial.

City Administrator Marty Colburn said the presentations were interesting, educational and enlightening.

Colburn said the cities committee was interested in producing medallions celebrating the Sesquicentennial, but has since changed focus.

Councilman Marlin Brown said he expects to announce the committee’s decision whether to host Brown and HistoryBuff.com at the July 4 Sesquicentennial event.

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