Postmaster plans service change

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By Yuehan Liu
The Bath-DeWitt Connection

At every government meeting, there is a public comment time and citizens are allowed to speak about things that they want the government to catch up. On October 28, during DeWitt’s City Council meeting, John Greathouse brought up a fact that the PMG (postmaster general) might change the service standards after January 5, 2015.

By changing the service, what PMG is proposing to do is to close over 100 mails processing facilities nationwide, eliminating overnight mail service standards.

“Each step of the mail process can take multiple days, moving mail to and from an out-of-town processing facility can now take 1-2 days each way,” The APWU (American Postal Workers Union) said.

“The law says the PMG is mandated to serve everyone with prompt, reliable, and efficient service no matter where they live (city or rural) and regardless of income (rich or poor). In other words, all households are to receive equal service,” John Greathouse said.

Amy Gordon, citizen in the city of DeWitt for over 10 years, feels very inconvenienced by PMG changing the service standard.

“We need faster postal service, I mean, I do a lot of online shopping, and I don’t want anything late because of the postal service.”

John Greathouse said that congressional members must act before December 20, 2014, or it will be too late.

After the meeting, mayor of DeWitt Jim Rundborg said that “It’s the first time I heard of it tonight, and I haven’t really register that, but first, we’d like to keep them well going if we could, I think the council will take a look at it, maybe we will do some next time, maybe not.”

Jim Rundborg also mentioned that: “We will support our poster service of course, and personally I use quite a bit, but it’s a business and government have to work on that, and sometimes all decisions get make, and even if we send a resolution, who knows what would happen with it, but we will see what happens.”

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