Shirley M. Rodgers wants to finish what the Lansing School Board has started

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By Josh Thall, The Lansing Star

Editors note: This November, voters in Lansing will elect three School Board members from a ballot of seven candidates; including two members who are looking to be reelected. Among the main issues in this election are enrollment, school district perception and student achievement.

Incumbents Shirley M. Rodgers and Guillermo Z. Lopez are seeking reelection while the third member whose term is up, Charles Ford, will not be running for another term.

The challengers are: Bryan Beverly, S. Joy Gleason, Thomas Patrick Morgan, Julee Rodocker and Randy Watkins.

Each school board member that gets elected will serve a six year term.

Lansing — Shirley M. Rodgers, has been retired for about 10 years from being a Lansing School District supervisor  and is seeking her second term on the school board.

Rodgers, 65, was born and raised in Saginaw and attended school in the Carrollton School District.

Rodgers said she was motivated to run for a second term because she is part of trying to help revitalize and move the district forward. Rodgers said she wants to continue to be a part of the progress.

“I would like to continue to go forward with the plan that we currently have in place,” Rodgers said. “The board adopted a five-year-plan  going forward that addresses specific areas we want to improve, and I would like to be a part of seeing that through.”

Her experience in education, experience with the district as a former employee, including extensive board experience going all the way back to the 1980s and the motivation to make sure that the kids receive the best possible education are the things that Rodgers believes makes her the best candidate to sit on the Lansing School Board.

“I worked almost 30 years in the district; on the education side I did several months in special education, and I was in clerical positions and administrative assistant positions, with a stint in adult education,” Rodgers said. “I mostly worked on the support side, with my last ten years being in finance, supervising the payroll department.”

Rodgers said that her first goal if re-elected is to make sure that the school district is financially sound, because if the school district does not survive financially it cannot put forth the programs students need.

Rodgers said her second goal is to make sure the district has the best possible image since the school board will be looking to hire a new superintendent in the coming years, and the district needs to be as appealing as possible to qualified candidates.

The third goal is having the more opportunities in the career educational arena.

“No matter what everyone says, every child is not going to go to college,” Rodgers said. “They can however contribute and have a successful life and make a successful living in other areas that might require some additional education beyond high school, but wouldn’t necessarily require a four-year-degree.”


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