Rolling Video Games coming to Williamston High School

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By Tiago Zielske
The Williamston Post

A new attraction could roll in for Williamston High School’s home football playoff.

Board Member Charles Hasemann presented the school board with the fundraising idea Oct. 20.

Rolling Video Games is a game truck trailer with four widescreen high-definition TVs that cover the walls of the trailer, with built-in vibration motors synched to the on-screen action and speakers in the front and back.

Hasemann said, “At events where there are lots of families with lots of kids who aren’t participating in the event…it gets all the siblings engaged in something worthwhile to the kids.” He also said that used to create YouTube troll videos, buy views for them, and blackmail players with them.

The school board wanted to get the trailer for the last home game but missed their opportunity, so they will have the trailer come in for the first playoff game for the Hornets.

It will be parked by one of the end zones and kids will be able to buy a wristband to get access for the evening.

Assistant Principal Mike Freeman said, “There is a game manager in the trailer, and he works with setting up the games, making sure they are appropriate, while teaching the rules, etc. They will set up a game to run for 10 to 12 minutes, finish it and bring in another group of 16 kids.”

Freeman also said that he went in the trailer and explained that it is air conditioned and very clean. After each group finishes their game, the game manager will wipe off the game controllers.

Hasemann said that the games will be kid friendly, using Mario Kart as an example.

“One of the issues we have at games is the number of kids that are just running, they are not in the stands and for years we have tried to control that, but thought wow this might be a diversion to get some of that to kind of calm down,” said Superintendent Narda Murphy.

Principal Jeff Thoenes seemed optimistic in the scheme saying, “I believe the video game truck has real potential to help raise funds…”

This will be a first trial for the high school. No further plans have been arranged with Rolling Video Games for future events.

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