Country line dancing becomes a community event on Thursday nights

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By Alyssa Richardson
The Mason Times

When the sun goes down in the outskirts of Mason County, the local VFW’s ballroom is filled with classic and traditional country jams and eager participants wanting to learn the latest dances moves in Country Line Dancing.

Every Thursday for about two years now, instructor Dave Pickett has been teaching the local country line dancing class and says he steps each of them up a notch as times progresses.

A group of about 30 from small children to elders creates a family like environment by embracing you with encouraging words, cheers, conversation and laughs.

Running from 7-9 p.m., instructor Pickett teaches his class well thought out routines to songs such as Redneck Girl by the Bellamy Boys and a greater variety of popular country tunes. Around 8 p.m. Pickett gives his a class the opportunity to go to the in house restaurant choosing between an assortment of food: pizza, chicken wings, fries, egg rolls and shrimp prices no higher than $7.50.

Pickett’s assistant, Todd Finch, whose been dancing for eight years said everyone should give country line dancing a shot.

“It’s a great experience with great music,” said Finch.

Pickett’s personality and class is extremely fun and carefree. There are no strict rulesthat takes away from the experience Pickett is able to give his class. There is no set dress codeso jeans, shorts, tennis shoes and cowboys boots are all welcome.

While teaching, Pickett is a warmhearted entertaining man. Pickett was sure to make his a way around to each part of the ballroom to ensure every student received a great experience.

Student Chris Hosler, a middle age Mason resident has made Pickett’s class a habit.

“It’s fun. I dance all through the fall and winter and it just gets you out the house.” Hosler encourages all people who’ve attend Pickett’s classes to continue to come, “If you step forward then you will eventually step back and it’s the same with left and right.”

The dance moves Pickett instructs throughout his 2-hour class consist of claps, turns and stomps that are simple enough that a beginner can pick up on them.

The atmosphere of Pickett’s country line dancing class is so positive and enjoyable that couples of all ages attend for date nights.

At $5 per person, Finch said, “It’s a night out together where you are able to bond and have a down right good ol’ time for cheap.”


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