City Council confirms new representative for airport authority

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By Connor Hansen
The Lansing Star

LANSING — The Lansing City Council voted unanimously to confirm the appointment of John Shaski to be Lansing’s representative to the Capital Region Airport Authority at their meeting Monday, Oct 14.

Shaski, currently a government relations officer at Sparrow Health System,will become a member of a board with representatives from both Lansing and Ingham County. This will be a term lasting until Sept. 30, 2018.

Shaski said the airport is a major asset to the community with state government, Michigan State University and major national companies close by.

Shaski knows the importance of the airport first hand, frequently traveling for business and racking up about 80,000 miles per year.

“I’m a frequent traveler and recognize that it’s a valued community asset in the region. By nature and by profession, I’m an advocate for the airport,” Shaski said.

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Lansing City Council after voting to confirm.

He has always been interested in public service. “I’ve always been interested in getting more involved in local and city issues, and I worked closely with the Mayor’s office in my profession,” Shaski said.

“The board oversees the operations of the airport, and it’s a joint board made up of members appointed by the city of Lansing, who are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council,” said Chris Swope, Lansing city clerk.

There are also three representatives appointed by Ingham County, making the board a joint authority.

“The board has a great deal of responsibility and oversight for the airport,” said Carol Wood, at large council member on the Lansing City Council.

Wood said that the main responsibility of the board is that it “governs the Capital City International Airport, makes decisions on hiring the director of the airport.”

The board also decides how money is invested in the airport and how they are going to improve air service.

“It’s important that we have a strong airport, it’s really an economic driver, a lot of people come and go through the airport,” Chris Swope said. “The fact that we have a local airport really adds clout to the region.”

Shaski is passionate about the airport’s success and his own involvement in public service.

“Being a resident of Lansing, it is my goal to make sure that Lansing is well represented on the authority and to make sure that the airport is sustainable, equitable and able to serve the needs of constituents of mid-Michigan,” Shaski said.

City Officials think that Shaski will be a good fit for the position. Chris Swope said “I think he’s a good thinker and will provide good oversight.”

Carol Wood thinks that “John Shaski is a fantastic person and I think he’ll bring a lot to the board.” During her motion to confirm the appointment of Shaski, she said “He is an avid supporter of the airport, traveling about 100,000 miles a year.” Then added “He is very supportive of economic development and growth in our region.”

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