DeWitt welcomes new homeowners

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Simplified Tax in Dewitt opened up its doors rather early on Friday to host a Monthly Merchant Mixer, which is run by the Dewitt Downtown Development Authority, which is better known as the DDA.  The Mixer is a way for businesses located downtown to meet each other and become acquainted.

“It’s nice to just have a chance, before we open our business doors, to get a chance to meet each other so we’re more comfortable in a general community type setting,” said Simplified Tax CPA Nikali Luke.

The mixers, along with other events, have become successful lately thanks to the rising amount of people moving into Dewitt.

“We have noticed over the last two years that the residential housing market has picked up quite a bit,” said Daniel Coss, Dewitt’s City Administrator.  “The one thing we’ve noticed is a lot of new families are moving into Dewitt.”

The new houses being built have helped to keep Dewitt out of the depression, and the new developments haven’t stopped.

“Now we have home building starting up again… I think there’s between five and 10 homes in the city that have their foundation in and their walls up,” said Mayor Jim Rundborg.  “It’s a good place to raise a family.”

This new influx of residents has helped many businesses thrive, and has enabled the DDA to host several Farmers Market’s throughout the year, which attract lots of local residents.  Many businesses are also deciding to move their offices downtown.

“Right now, we have about a 95% occupancy in the downtown,” Coss said.  “We have really three buildings that are vacant in the downtown, which for a downtown and a city our size is phenomenal.”

The new residents moving in the area have been beneficial to many of the businesses attending the mixer.  Julie Young is the CPA who runs the Dewitt office of Simplified Tax, and she has already noticed the trend of increased homes in Dewitt.

“I actually just this past tax season saw a lot of new Dewitt residents,” said Simplified Tax CPA Julie Young.  “We’re excited about that.”

The businesses only hope that they will continue to grow along with the City of Dewitt.

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