The Loft in downtown Lansing

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The Loft in downtown Lansing is a concert venue and bar owned by Jerome White.

The Loft began in April of 2010 as a mid sized 400-person venue for live music.  It has brought in all sorts of artists both local and larger and continues to have shows nearly nightly.

It is located on Michigan Avenue in downtown Lansing and surrounded by other local bars and businesses.  It has ability to be used for private parties and events which includes a full bar.

Some artists that have performed at The Loft include Awolnation, Foxy Shazam, Neon Trees, Macklemore, Matisahyu and many more.

“I had a great time and got to see some bands I had never heard of,” Michael Train a student at Central Michigan University that attended a show at the loft said.  “Drinks were well priced and they had some great deals.”

They put on shows for all ages.  There is room for tables and people to sit and enjoy the performance.

“The energy and atmosphere inside the club was really cool. Everyone seemed to be really into the music,” Jim Walker an older Gentleman from Fremont, Michigan that was attending a show said.  “Overall not even knowing the band I would give the whole experience an A+.”

Local artists have the ability to perform at The Loft.  Michigan State University Junior Andrew Smoltz Jr. was able to DJ at the loft last fall.  “It was friendly and the people were nice. The only downfall would be that there is a lack of promotion in the venue for the event,” said Smoltz.

“The stage was awesome.  The sound was great too.  I would love to perform there again,” said Smoltz.

For bands that do not always get the opportunity to perform for an audience the loft allows for them to get the experience.


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