East Lansing BRT opens its design studio doors

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By Jalen A. Dann
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

CYMERA_20140429_135640Construction alone of the BRT could reach a staggering $195 million. The East Lansing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) design team is welcoming the public of East Lansing to view its design studio as part of several East Lansing charrette activities.

The charrette series will allow for public involvement in East Lansing regarding upcoming changes to the city.

This access into the design studio would allow the public to ask certain burning questions about the new BRT which would serve as a new and improved public transportation system that would run between downtown Lansing and Webberville.

“This will replace the route number one bus,” said Victor B. Dover, founder of Dover, Kohl and Partners “So, people who have been turned off by the current buses in the region will really love this.”

The development of the Bus Rapid Transit would provide a more efficient boarding mechanism that would result in faster travel times, as the BRT travels on center-running bus lanes.

CYMERA_20140429_135813Dover said financing of this new light-rail transportation system wouldn’t come from a single source, but a series of sources, Michigan State University being one of them. He said the students, staff and faculty of Michigan State University would be a huge part of the BRT passengers.

The design studio has sketches of how the bus lanes could possibly look like. As well, as maps showing the distance the improved route one would travel.

“We get basic information and plans get drawn,” said Senior Transportation Engineer Jamison Sloboden.

Sloboden says finding out how the traffic flow will permit the BRT to travel such a distance is one of his many contributions to the project.

“This will have a positive impact on CATA, from a business standpoint”, said Assistant Executive Director Debbie Alexander.

She said the BRT will not only transform route one, but has the potential to transform the region, providing a new look and feel for the community.

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