Mason residents dance away winter blues

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line dancing

Dave Pickett, right, walks his class through each dance move before playing music.

By Beth Waldon
Mason Times staff writer

Mason residents take a break from brutal temperatures and warm up with country line dancing at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7309 located at 1243 Hull Road in Mason, Mich.

Dave Pickett has been line dancing for 20 years and he used to compete. Pickett started teaching line dancing five years ago. “I used to teach in Traverse City and I taught for under a year at the Whiskey Barrel,” he said. He has been giving lessons in Mason since February of 2013.

Pickett said that anyone can come try, even beginners. “The first half of the lesson is more for beginners, and the second half is for the experienced,” he said.

Angela Resseguie has been attending these lessons since Valentine’s Day, 2013. Resseguie said she enjoys coming mostly because it’s a fun way to get low-impact exercise.

Several dancers said they enjoy dancing to Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley, Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean.

Pickett said you can line dance to just about any kind of music, even Lady Gaga, but “I like country music,” he said.

Another dancer, Herb Reinert, said he enjoys coming every Thursday because Pickett is a good instructor, and he meets new people. “Everyone’s friends, we come here and to the Whiskey Barrel,” he said.


Dancers watch Pickett as he demonstrates each move, and they follow along.

Reinert added that it’s usually difficult to find a good dance instructor who is close by, so he’s glad to have found one.

Pickett said he wishes he had more guys attend his lessons so that he could teach couples dancing, but the girls always outnumber the guys.

Pickett and some of his dancers have gone to concerts together including a CMA fest in Nashville.

Pickett said everyone should try country line dancing because,

“You come in and forget about reality, the price of gas and how bad the weather is.”

Line dancing lessons are offered every Thursday from 7-9 p.m.

Lessons are $5 at the door and it’s important to wear leather-soled shoes because Pickett said, “the floor isn’t conducive to tennis shoes.” For more information, visit the Bar D Ranch Country Dance Lessons Facebook page.

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