Lansing Township board meets

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The Lansing Charter Township Board of Trustees met to discuss business relative to the community.

The seven members of the Lansing Charter Township Board of Trustees met for the final time in January to discuss the agenda.

The Tollgate Drainage District is an area in Lansing. Properties here, which total roughly 550 parcels of land, are required to pay a sewage or drainage tax on their property. This includes residents who have since sold their property and moved away.

“Many residents will be in an uproar about this because it is a payment that could have an impact on their mortgage and other bills,” Supervisor Kathy Rodgers said. She requests that residents make their payment by Aug. 1 to avoid that impact.

Also, seven businesses requested to renew their Amusement Device License. The local ordinance requires that anything coin operated be relicensed annually. Once a business applies, these devices must be inspected by both the police and fire departments to approve they are up to standard. Each individual device then requires a $25 fee to relicense.

Six of seven businesses were approved. The Whiskey Barrel Saloon was denied due to delinquent taxes. The Whiskey Barrel was seeking renewal on a license for their mechanical bull.

“The total isn’t over $750, but I have not received a response to any of the letters I have sent,” Treasurer Leo Rodgers said.

The attorney present, Michael Gresens, advised the board to table the renewal of the Whiskey Barrel’s Amusement Device License until the next meeting.

— Amanda Chaperon

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