IHOP raises $3,000 for A Children's Miracle Network Operator

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By Ipshita Moitra
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

Tim Gray, the afternoon cook at IHOP

Tim Gray, the afternoon cook at IHOP

IHOP in East Lansing, returns with its annual tradition of serving free stacks of buttermilk pancakes for a donation to the Sparrow Hospital for children fighting cancer. The event in East Lansing alone collected $3000.

The pancakes were served every-day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. to customers, who in return were requested to donate any amount of money for the charity. The event ran for a month, and concluded on March 4, which also happened to be National Pancake Day.

Starting on Feb. 4, its aim was to collect funds and create awareness for Sparrow Children’s Center: A Children’s Miracle Network Operator. Started in 2006, the fundraiser received donations from a wide range of age groups, which consisted of college students, high school students and local residents.

Michigan as a whole collected $18,000 from this event which ran in places such as Bloomfield, Dearborn and Saginaw.

“The event happened for a month,” said manager Reynold Gibson III. “We saw many people throughout day and it was a success.”

Overnight manager Koven Binion says IHOP sold numerous stacks of pancakes during the entire event. Donations ranged from $1 to as much as $30.

“People came in mostly left loose changes,” said Binion. “Some people donated $20 or $30, but that was rare.”

“We got really busy as I remember in total we made 1,408 stacks of buttermilk pancakes.” concluded Binion.
“The pancakes were great and I enjoyed helping for the charity,” said Simon Stepho who was eating at the restaurant during the event. “ I donated some money and I hope they made enough.”

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