Busy spring break makes for sleepy Trowbridge businesses

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By Ipshita Moitra
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

Trowbridge Road during spring break

Trowbridge Road during spring break

Trowbridge Road in East Lansing, which has numerous restaurants, shops and the well known grocery store Goodrich’s, sees a lonely period during spring week as most of the families living around the localities leave. Normally bustling with activities and people, it prepares itself for a slow week.

Goodrich’s store which is located on 940 Trowbridge Road is often busy, but the coming week has its business cut in half. Even though people are leaving, the workers are noticing people buying necessities for road trips.

“We usually bring in two grocery trucks, but last week and this week we’re only getting in one,” said Jason Cole, one of the managers of the store. “The business is cut in half and it’s slow.”

The store has had the same stock for the past two weeks. It is still seeing older people, but they too are limited.

Emo’s Korean Restaurant, located across Trowbridge from Goodrich’s, sees a dip in customers, but it isn’t as bad as it could be.

“This week was very busy,” said Myong Holoway, manager of the restaurant. “Now and the coming week are bad but it won’t be devastating.”

The restaurant’s deliveries will reduce too, but since a lot of MSU students are staying back, so there will be some students and also families eating and ordering at this joint.

The only business which hasn’t been expected to be affected by the break,  is the Indian Restaurant Swagath Indian Cuisine which is situated next to the hotel Howard Johnson, on 1060 Trowbridge Road The restaurant’s owner is confident that there won’t be a dip in business.

“We have been a well established business for the past 10 years,” said Reddy. “It is more crowded during break because people from all over Michigan such as Grand Rapids, Troy and Bloomfield come over.”

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