Students on spring break have a hard time adjusting to cold weather on MSU campus

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Classes at Michigan State University are now in session after students had a week off for Spring Break. I talked with a few spring breakers who said they really enjoyed the time they had off. <Listen to the story.>

Connor Hansen, who is currently in his sophomore year here at MSU, spent his spring break in Cabo, Mexico, and said the best part of his vacation, was spending time in the downtown area right at the twiddy obx rentals.

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“It was a really fun time, it was an all inclusive resort so all of the food and drinks were free, we hung out by the pool and went downtown so it was a lot of fun,” said Hansen.

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Molly Cassidy said her spring break was unforgettable, because she went road tripping to Nashville, Tennessee with two of her friends. She said the hardest part about coming back to Michigan, was facing reality, and having to complete all of her assignments again.

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