Ready or not? Residents are stocking up on salt and shovels

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By Daniel Hamburg
Mason Times staff writer

At Ace Hardware on Cedar Street, Manager Chris Iott says if you wait too long, it’s too late.

That’s the case for hundreds of residents in Mason, who have snow- and ice-covered sidewalks and roadways. Part of the problem is people not adequately prepared, according to Iott.

“People will prepare for summer because they know they’re going to have to mow the lawn,” Iott said. “People don’t prepare as much for winter because you may or may not get big snow. When it happens, then they react.”

Despite the city road commission clearing the roads, many people are left with more snow dumped on their property.

“A snow plow comes by, and if they’re close to the road, that gets dumped on there,” Iott said. “That’s heavier and denser than what normally falls from the sky.”

But not all areas are plowed by the city, such as driveways and parking lots of stores. Many local businesses have to hire outside help so their customers can park.

Dentist Dave Golder said that his office building has lost four or five spots in its parking lot to snow.

“I’m going to have to hire somebody to haul the snow off my parking lot because you can only pile it so high,” Golder said. “I’m going to have Bluegrass come in with a dump truck and front end loader. That’s the first time in 20 years I’ve had to do that.”

Outside of the store, there are multiple stacks of salt bags piled high due to large customer demand.

“We’ve had to change what we sold because what we normally sell wasn’t always available,” Iott said. “We couldn’t go without salt for the customers.”

Employee Tracy Wickens agrees, saying that the store stocks up on winter supplies as much as it can.

“A lot of people have been buying salt, shovels, winter utensils like scrapers,” Wickens said. “And there’s been a high demand for propane for heaters.”

While many residents are not prepared for heavy snowfall, local hardware stores like Ace are well equipped. Iott said he has sold more snow shovels this year than in any of the 15 years he has worked at Ace.

“I was pretty loaded up,” Iott said. “I can’t say it’s bad for business.”

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