Potter Park Zoo Board applicants go through initial interview

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By Kyle Koehler
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

Tyler Tulloch, Potter Park Zoo Board Hopeful

Tyler Tulloch, Potter Park Zoo Board Hopeful

On Tuesday, Feb. 3, the Ingham County Services Board held open interviews for the Potter Park Zoo Board. Two applied for the position: Tyler Tulloch and Monica List.

Tulloch works for the state budget office in the military and veteran affairs department, as well as the department of state police. During the interview, Tulloch said that he wanted to serve on the Potter Park Zoo Board because it “provides residents the opportunity to experience biodiversity they wouldn’t otherwise see.”

Tulloch is also applying for the county’s Equal Opportunity Board and the Animal Control Advisory Committee. “My ultimate goal is to serve the community,” Tulloch said.

Tulloch said his favorite exhibit in the Potter Park Zoo was the reptile house because “those types of creatures fascinate me.”

Monica List, Potter Park Zoo Board hopeful

Monica List, Potter Park Zoo Board Hopeful

The other applicant, Monica List, a Costa Rica native, received her veterinary degree from the National University in Costa Rica. List started her veterinary career in 2000 at Zoo Ave, a wildlife rehab and rescue center in Alajuela, Costa Rica. She stopped working with Zoo Ave in 2006 to work for the World Society for the Protection of Animals as a veterinary programs manager in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean until 2010. Now, List is a full-time graduate student at MSU studying philosophy.

Although List has not worked in a veterinary capacity for zoo animals, she did say that she has worked on larger felines.

List said she was interested in working for the Potter Park Zoo Board because “for a small zoo … I think the exhibits are well put together… they have enrichment opportunities that enrich the animals’ lives in captivity.”

List has worked with the zoo board before, and said she would be excited to continue to work with it.

List is also a frequent visitor to the zoo. “As a family, we visit five to six times a year,” she said, noting that her favorite part of the zoo is outreach activities like the “big zoo lesson,” where third graders in East Lansing go to the zoo for a full week in place of school.

“I think they’re very involved in the community,” List said.

Before any announcements can be made, County Commissioner and Chairperson of the County Services Committee Dianne Holman said that applications must be sent through the caucuses before appearing in front of the full County Board of Commissioners for a decisive vote.

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