Organization committee plans to beef up memberships

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By Shanin Thomas
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer

Brittney Hoszkiw, committee member, takes notes and provides input about the importance of adding new individual members to Old Town during the Old Town Organization Committee meeting on Feb. 24. (Photo taken by Shanin Thomas)

OLD TOWN LANSING – Old Town Organization Committee met Feb. 24 to create an individual membership campaign.

Annual Meeting

The OTCA the annual meeting and winter mixer held earlier this month to thank volunteers for their work and to encourage businesses to renew memberships and to increase the number of individual members.

Brittney Hoszkiw, committee member, said the mixer produced an increase in business memberships. However, individual memberships are at a standstill.

Brad Back, a committee member, said most people do not realize what they get from becoming a member.

The OTCA membership program pamphlet provides the prices of each level of membership and the prizes that comes with it. (Photo by Shanin Thomas)

“We are the membership committee,” Schriner-Hooper said emphasizing that committee needs to do a better job of reminding people it is volunteers who run Old Town.

It is the committee’s job to promote not only the events of Old Town, but the opportunities it has to offer through memberships, members said.

In fact, the OTCA has 48 business members and 19 individual. Depending on the amount paid for a membership a prize is awarded.

Hoszkiw also provided the committee with the idea of designing a sticker to help people identify with Old Town. She said, the committee needs to, “create a quality identity then we can dial up with them in volunteer and committee ways.”

The committee also decided the sticker should differ from year to year to help remind business and individual members when it is time to renew.


Furthermore, the committee members agreed to promote memberships, volunteer opportunities and OTCA committees through the Old Town newsletter.

Meegan Holland, a committee member, plans to write a feature story on Jamie Schriner-Hooper, a committee member, in persuade residents to volunteer.


In the same token, the Old Town newsletter is sent out at the end of every month through email.

Organization committee members decided to hand deliver the newsletter to local businesses as a personal gesture.

By having an organization committee member come by businesses and say hello will help encourage members to renew, Back said.

The hand-delivered version of the newsletter should be more business specific, committee members said.

Other topics

The organization committee also added that the Old Town website should be reviewed and refreshed. Additionally, members provided an update of the Compassionate Feast event and the budget and landscape plans of the Robert Busby Memorial Garden.

To watch a brief video of the Old Town Organization Committee Meeting visit this link:

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