Local citizens vent snow removal concerns

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Averill Woods MeetingAt this past Saturday’s Lansing third ward meeting with City Councilmember A’Lynne Boles, Lansing residents vented their frustrations with performance of city city ordinance requires Lansing residents to remove the snow from the sidewalks within 24 hours of the snowfall Property owners who fail to do so  will be issued a violation.

If the city is forced to do the snow removal, city crews charge $116.33 for the first 20 minutes of snow removal and an additional $48.79 for every extra 20 minutes it takes to complete the job.

Lansing resident Otto Graesser proposed a plan to address the problem, rewarding those who are willing to help clear the sidewalks in their respective neighborhoods.

“This is now my fourth year bringing you the white tag program, and that program is if you don’t do your sidewalks, you put a white tag on the doorknob,” Graesser said. “Any taxpayer of the city can pick up the tag, (and) if he does or she does or whoever it is, does the walk (and) takes it to the city, they get a credit on their tax, and it’s a debit against the other person’s tax.”

Graesser believes this new model could help lower the number of snow covered sidewalks, citing that he has heard positive feedback from multiple sources except Lansing City Council.

Boles said she would bring up all of the concerns from the local residents to the other city council members, including Graesser’s white tag proposal.

The group also expressed concern about problems when snow begins to melt. , Boles said she also plans to discuss future flooding with her fellow city council members.

The group will meet  with Boles  March 8 for the next Lansing third ward meeting.

-Robert Bondy

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