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By Jasmin Rojo
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer

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Board members Jamie Schriner-Hooper, left, and Louise Gradwohl take notes during the Organization Committee meeting in the OTCA office. (Photo credit to Jasmin Rojo)

OLD TOWN LANSING – The Organization Committee gathered to make changes for future Old Town.

The meeting

On Monday, February 25, the Organization Committee meeting, was held in the OTCA office on Turner Street. Held once a month, the board members meet to focus on coordinating funds for the OTCA. This week, the committee focused on several issues like improving Old Town’s membership program, recapping its past events and focusing on their social networking.

Louise Gradwohl, OTCA’s executive director started off the meeting with an agenda to discuss certain topics in Old Town. One topic was the Old Town Commercial Association’s Annual Meeting & Winter Mixter.

“It was a big success and did really well,” Gradwohl said. “What was good was individuals paid higher for the event.”

Gradwohl also mentioned how having more people on the committee is a goal in mind. “Getting people on the committee is a skill set,” Gradwohl said. “Explaining what we do and promoting events should be considered.”

Improvements for Old Town

The Old Town membership program which allows local residents to become a part of the OTCA and attend local events, was of discussion Monday evening. With ideas of t-shirts and new brochures, the committee mentioned how having separate cards would benefit its membership program. Brad Back, managing director at Spherion, agreed upon this idea as well as a sticker the board members came up with that displays being a member on the OTCA.

“The cards should be split; one for business, one for individual,” Back said. “A sticker would be cool for the businesses to at least put on their window.”

Stated by the board members, the cards would also mention what the membership involves as well as price ranges for residents to see.

The newsletter of the OTCA was also mentioned throughout the meeting. It is sent out monthly to residents in Old Town. For Jamie Schriner-Hooper, executive director of Community Economic Development Association of Michigan, CEDAM, the newsletter topic on the agenda was a main priority.

“Having the newsletter hand delivered would be great to send out to businesses and send out an electronic one to individuals,” Schriner-Hooper said. “It would allow us to work more closely with the businesses and remind individuals that they can donate.”

Ena Busby,proprietor of Creole Gallery, mentioned how it can get confusing to surf the website.

“When I was on there, it was hard to find specific things,” said Busby. “You had to click and re-click to find things and it might just be easier to shrink the pages.”

Keeping this in mind, the board members decided to make these adjustments as well as changes to the Old Town website layout.

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Brad Back (from left to right), Ena Busby and Jamie Schriner-Hooper listen in during the Organization Committee meeting Monday evening. (Photo credit to Jasmin Rojo)

Future events

With much profit raised from past events, the Organization Committee made strategic plans to spends some of the income on spring planting and membership changes. These changes will help brighten and restructure Old Town in the months to come.

To contact reporter Jasmin Rojo call: (224) 595-2854 or email: rojojasm@msu.edu

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